June 11, 2012

Dealing with Obsoletion

Hello my few and faithful readers,

It's come to my attention the fact that I've been very negligent of this blog, enough to reconsider whether or not I want to keep on writing to it. I've considered the reasons why a blog is normally kept, as well as the possible things I could accomplish through a blog. I have come to the decision that my original intent on keeping this blog was to update public viewers on the recent events of my life. While this blog does allow me to be a little bit more verbose about what has been going on, I feel that enough is posted on my Facebook account that this blog is becoming obsolete. If you're looking for a more detailed description of things that are going on, send me a message there and I'll be happy to strike up a conversation! So for future updates on my life, I would strongly advise you look me up on Facebook: www.facebook.com/jeffr.powell

I'm a fair administrator over my resources, and have considered ways that I could keep this blog alive while avoiding its former obsolete purpose. I could talk about opinion-based topics such as religion, or just a general reaction to news reports...but I don't know how I'd feel about negative comments toward my opinion--I'm a fairly non-confrontational kinda guy. I could do experiments in cooking or craft-making and put them on display here, but I doubt I'd update the blog frequently enough--I'm just not as passionate about the hobby as would be ideal. I could take on topics and projects related to my major, computer science, showing off solutions and creating helpful user guides...but I doubt I'd get a big audience, which I feel would be ideal.
I guess in the end, I'm built for commission-type work: you ask for information, and I'll give you plenty of it!

So for now, until I fall upon an unexpected passion to share, or someone comes probing and prodding, consider this blog a silent one.


golap mohi said...

Hey Jeff, your blog is beautiful...I post one of your article in my Blog today.

The Girl Nextdoor said...

*poke* *prod*
I think it'd be interesting to hear about when you do something cool or interesting in your classes, like when you've done a lab you're particularly proud of.